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Advance Fund

Academic Year 2021-2022:

Based on university guidance around pandemic restrictions, HOUR will not consider travel related expenses (transportation, lodging, food) for the entirety of the academic year 2021-2022 (ending 8/20/22). We strongly advise students identify virtual events until travel is deemed safe.

*Krieger undergrads interested in attending in-person for events or research should complete this form to request a travel exception from their school. Note that HOUR will not currently consider funding for travel related expenses even with a school exemption.

The HOUR Advance Fund has been established to help Hopkins undergraduate students defray expenses related to professional advancement activities. We understand that many activities related to advancement and networking may challenge budgets and therefore restrict participation.

Before requesting funding, consider if the activity meets any of the following guidelines:

  • This funding request is not for something I have already paid for.
  • Membership in this professional organization affords me important networking opportunities.
  • Participation at this conference allows me to share my project, enhance my experiences, and engage in networking.
  • Publishing my work (research, scholarly or creative) as first/ primary author validates my hard work.
  • Utilizing this professional service provides me the opportunity to improve and complete my project.

Funding will NOT be awarded for projects or activities that have already received Advance Fund support at any time (no double dipping rule).

Funding will be prioritized for students who have NOT already received Advance Fund support for any project or activity in the current Academic Year (Fall through Summer).

Funding is not available to visiting students.

Examples of allowable expenses include:

  • Membership dues in professional organizations
  • Conference, competition or festival registration and associated fees
  • Publication fees (as first author)
  • Presentation expenses (example: poster printing)
  • Professional services (editing, sound, other services related to completion of final product)
  • Transportation to and from event*
  • Lodging during dates of event*
  • Food at university per diem rates*

* no travel-related expenses in 2021-2022

Examples of non-allowable expenses include:

  • Funds to purchase equipment or supplies for a project
  • Funds to cover personal items (ex. umbrellas, medications, clothing)
  • Food expense beyond university per diem guidelines and allowance
  • Any expense not incurred by the applicant (team) directly (i.e. no friends or family)
  • Expenses incurred on behalf of a JHU Student Group
  1. If you have already incurred the expense(s), you MUST submit your receipts to
    • Receipts MUST show: date, company paid, amount of expense, form of payment (credit card, cash, Venmo, etc.), what the expense is covering.
    • Receipts must be received within the current academic year (ending June 30) or the award will be considered declined.
  2. If you require the funds in advance, you MUST submit justification of anticipated expense in the form of an invoice, URL/screen shot for registration/membership info etc, travel expenses (once allowed again). Once the funding has been transferred to you, you MUST submit all receipts validating the expenses paid.
    • Receipts MUST show: date, company paid, amount of expense, form of payment (credit card, cash, Venmo, etc.), what the expense is covering.
    • Valid receipts must be received by HOUR at no later than 30 days after the date of the incurred expense.

Program Details:

Funding Type: Individual or Group

Application Period: Rolling applications

Funding Amount: maximum request $1000 (awards subject to applicable Federal and State taxes)

Award Notification: within 10 business days from request submission date.

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