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How will the Bloomberg Distinguished Professors be chosen?

Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships will be allocated by the president and provost. In the initial phase of the BDP program, roughly ten new professorships will be established each year — up to a total of fifty — from in AY 2013-14 through AY 2017-18. Subsequently, BDP positions will be reallocated as they become vacant.

During the initial five-year allocation phase, the provost will solicit proposals to be considered twice yearly, with deadlines of November 1 and April 1. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the proposals will be due the following Monday. Proposals may be either for targeted searches in defined areas or for specific individuals. In all cases, the proposal should advance a strong case for the importance and impact of the fields spanned by the proposed appointment and the position’s anticipated contribution to the cross-disciplinary scholarship. For additional information see the BDP Proposal Guidelines.

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