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Modeling and Policy

Team Leaders: Kate Grabowski (Medicine), David Peters (Public Health), Dan Polsky (Business/Public Health)

  • Projects:
    • Modeling & Policy Hub: Creation of a Modeling Request Management System and Coordination of Modeling and Policy Efforts Throughout the Institution, Hub Manager: Kara Hunersen (Public Health)
    • Scenario planning to model effects of social distancing and other public health policies, PI: Justin Lessler (Public Health)
    • Health and Economic Outcomes of COVID-19, including role of public policy interventions, PIs: Alessandro Rebucci and Emilia Simeonova (Business)
    • Transparency, Reproducibility, and Validation of COVID-19 Projection Models, PI: Nilanjan Chatterjee (Public Health/Medicine)
    • Hopkins COVID-19 Civic Life and Public Health Survey, PIs: Colleen Barry (Public Health), Hahrie Han (Arts & Sciences), Beth McGinty (Public Health)

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